Ridgeside Co-op


Each co-op apartment possesses one vote on the co-op’s board of directors (out of nine votes altogether). This board operates the co-op and sets all of its policies, including such important decisions as acceptance of new members and development of the co-op’s annual budget (which in turn determines the monthly carrying charges to be paid throughout the year by the nine units in the co-op).

The co-op’s four main governing documents, with which every member of the co-op needs to be familiar, are: its Bylaws; its Occupancy Agreement; its House Rules; and, its Articles of Association. As the Ridge Side Co-op is set up as a cooperative in the State of Wisconsin, it is governed by Chapter 185 (entitled, “Cooperatives”) of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

Ridge Side Co-op is committed to the right of equal opportunity for all and strongly supports the Equal Opportunities Ordinance of the City of Madison.