Ridgeside Co-op

Living Arrangement

Upon joining, a new member gets the right to occupy a particular co-op apartment unit in its entirety within Ridge Side Co-op, unlike the student housing co-ops so well known to Madisonians (where a member has a private bedroom only and shares all other living spaces within the building of the co-op). Neither is Ridge Side Co-op a “co-housing” situation where all members of a co-op share their meals in a common area. Ridge Side Co-op is more like the living arrangement of a condominium association because the co-op member’s personal household occupies the whole of one of the co-op’s apartment units.

Each building has a first-floor apartment and a second-floor apartment, except for 839 Williamson which has two apartments on its second floor (one in the front of the building along the street and one in the back). Each of the co-op’s apartments, except one, has its main entrance in the rear of the property where an open courtyard helps mitigate the effects of Willy Street’s high volume of traffic. All areas outside of each member’s own apartment is shared space for all members to use equally; this includes the basements, patios, flowerbeds, vegetable garden, and other green space. The co-op’s parking lot has only one parking space for each of the units.