Ridgeside Co-op

Basics of Co-op Life

As a member of Ridge Side, you have the right to occupy a particular unit in the co-op, to use one parking space and to have use of the common areas of the co-op’s property.

          Each member is responsible for:


Members are obligated to abide by the co-op’s Articles of Association, Bylaws, Occupancy and Membership Agreement, House Rules and any other decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Members are responsible for ordinary maintenance in their apartment.  If needed, other co-op members are often available to offer advice or help.  For serious electrical, heating or plumbing problems, the co-op Maintenance Coordinator is contacted.  The co-op takes responsibility for maintenance of the structural aspects of the buildings.

When a member leaves the co-op, their transfer value will be returned, with a reasonble amount withheld to act as 'security deposit'.  This 'security deposit' is returned within 30 days, less the amount of any damages to the unit.